Terms of Service

Terms of Service

The following Terms of Agreement relates to the provision of services by Style My Space® to the Client as identified in the quote / written agreement. On payment of the invoice and/or deposit you accept all terms of service as stated below.

1. Style My Space® agrees to provide all the services as detailed in the quote within the criteria specified. If, however, the Client changes any of the criteria during the duration of the agreement requiring additional services, an additional fee will be charged, commensurate with the additional work required.

2. Additional services will include, but are not limited to, changes in the extent of work, changes in schedule, changes in the complexity of any elements of the work required, and any changes made after client approval has been given for a specific stage of the work according to the agreed-upon schedule, including concept, design, composition, and production.

3. Style My Space® will keep the Client informed of additional services that are required and obtain the Client’s approval for any services that cause the total fees to exceed those outlined in the attached estimate/quote.

4. Style My Space® is a consulting service and therefore takes no responsibility for the execution of the recommended work.

5. Style My Space® retains full ownership of design concepts and materials it produces. Once the final concept is delivered to the client and full payment is received, complete ownership rights to the concept transfer to the client. Unused concepts remain the property of Style My Space®.

6. Style My Space® reserves the right to use stock images or images available in the public domain in the creation of designs if required. Extra costs associated with this will be outlined to the client prior to purchase if not included in the original quote.

7. Any graphics, imagery, fonts, text, plans, documents or any other materials supplied by the Client for use in the project must be created by the Client or purchased by the Client and the Client holds the appropriate copyright permissions to use the materials. Style My Space will not be held responsible for copyright infringement claims involving materials supplied for use by the client.

8. Style My Space® disclaims responsibility for any changes to work made by anyone other than Style My Space.

Supplied Files
9. The final work supplied to the Client by Style My Space® constitutes the product paid for by the Client.

10. While Style My Space® takes all care to avoid errors. Style My Space® accepts no responsibility for typographical errors, spelling mistakes, or incorrect information on any project. It is the Clients responsibility to proof read and approve all final copy.

11. The final product will be supplied to the client electronically via email or Dropbox in the appropriate format.

12. Unless otherwise stated the client agrees to pay a 50% deposit of the quoted amount, except if project is less than $500 then 100% payment is required before work will commences. This deposit is non-refundable once work has commenced, even if the work is cancelled.

13. Upon completion of work in the attached estimate/quote, Style My Space® will issue a final invoice to the Client. This invoice shall be paid in full by the due date stated on the invoice.

14. For ongoing work, the client will be invoiced on a weekly basis for work completed in the week prior.

15. Where Style My Space® has not received full payment on the first business day following the due date of any invoice, Style My Space® shall, at its discretion, apply penalty interest to any sums outstanding, in accordance with the provision of penalty interest legislation in Queensland and Australia, at the rate provided for by such legislation.

16. Where Style My Space® has not received full payment after twenty eight (28) days Style My Space® shall, at its discretion, hand the matter over to a debt collection service and any cost incurred will be applied to the debt.

17. In the event of cancellation of this agreement, a cancellation fee will be paid by the Client and will include full payment for all work completed, expenses incurred, and hours expended. The cancellation fee will be based on the prices outlined in the estimate/quote. Any initial payments that have been received will be credited against any amounts due.

18. These Terms of Service and the quote/written agreement represent the entire agreement between the Client and Style My Space® and may be changed or modified only in writing and with the approval of both parties.

19. The Client and Style My Space® represent that they have full power and authority to enter into this agreement and that it is binding upon the Client and Style My Space® and enforceable in accordance with its terms. This Agreement will be governed by the law of Queensland, Australia.

20. To the extent permitted by law, Style My Space® excludes all warranties, whether express, implied, statutory or otherwise. Where a warranty is implied by law and cannot be excluded, Style My Space®’s liability for a breach of that warranty and any liability in tort is limited to reimbursement of Style My Space®‘s fees.

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