I’ve been watching my new favourite series World’s Greenest Homes and I have to say, some of those home are truly gorgeous and nothing at all like most of us would imagine an eco home to be (is it just me that instantly thinks of a straw bale house when I hear eco home?). But I can’t help wondering while this show highlights the top eco homes all over the world, would the everyday homeowner be able to achieve maximum sustainability? Would they be prepared to think outside the square and go beyond the conventional?

I am amazed and inspired by the methods and ideas used in some of the homes, such as the home in Athens that has floors made or rammed earth and cut loose timber or the Sydney home built around the trees. It is clear in this series that you don’t have to make sacrifices in style or comfort to go green.

It is also encouraging to know the most common element in all the homes showcased is the use of recycled products…something we can all easily achieve.




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